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Your construction project deserves to be completed with a high amount of accuracy throughout all stages. We can make sure that contractors are properly trained and know how to avoid risks. Capital Project Solutions provides deep analysis of your whole project to ensure that time is being spent wisely during every phase.

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Capital Project Solutions in Sacramento, California, is a construction consultant helping companies around the country save time and money on their construction projects. Our specialty is becoming the liaison between all of the contractors that work on your project. We offer complete project management for your construction project.

We worked for a company that designed electronics in county, state, and federal prisons throughout the nation. The designers on the project didn't know what was required to get the systems to work properly and the company received a system that didn't work. We got the facility running and the machines working correctly.

We captured attention from different trades when we completed this project. As the owners of the company we worked for sold their company, we decided to create our own business. Our owner, Dave, has now become a witness to testify in trials for any type of construction project.

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